Cortec’s biobased rust removers

Cortec’s biobased rust removers

July 27, 2022


In the world of corrosion control, preventing rust is always the best option. Unfortunately, existing rust can be found in every industry, at almost any plant or jobsite. Sometimes rust takes place only after months or years of shipping or storing metals in harsh conditions. Other times, it occurs within minutes of a part rolling off the assembly line. While sandblasting, water blasting, and grinding are commonly used for rust removal, these techniques can be cost-prohibitive, labor-intensive, or limited by location. Cortec biobased rust removers offer an exciting alternative to sandblasting and other forms of mechanical rust removal to restore critical equipment and components to usable condition.

Cortec rust removers
Cortec rust removers VpCI-422 and VpCI-423 are relatively easy to use and are safer than many other rust removal chemicals on the market due to their lower acidity and their large percentage of ingredients commonly used in the food industry. Both products contain 91% USDA certified biobased content and are NSF registered as A3 acid cleaners in the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program. VpCI-422 is a liquid product ideal for use in dip tanks. VpCI-423 is a gel version for use on vertical surfaces or other areas where the rust remover needs to cling. These products remove a significant amount of rust in a half hour. However, if faster rust removal action is desired and users are willing to forego the use of a biobased product, they can opt for VpCI-426 (also available in liquid or gel versions). All three formulas can be used to remove oxides from iron, steel, and yellow metals.

How to remove rustVpCI-422 is great for dip bath applications and can be used in everything from pails to large tanks, depending on the size needed to fit the rusty component. After being immersed in VpCI-422 for a half hour or more (depending on the degree of rust), the part should be removed, wiped off, and rinsed in a VpCI-410 Series alkaline cleaner to neutralize the acid and prevent flash rust. Parts that cannot be placed in a dip bath should be brushed with VpCI-423 and left to sit for 20-30 minutes, wiped clean, and rinsed with a VpCI-410 Series cleaner. The process can be repeated as necessary for heavier rust.