Manufacturing insights you need to know
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Manufacturing insights you need to know

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 12PM ET to hear from EMUGE FRANKEN discussing thread production for challenging, safety critical aerospace parts and FAGOR discussing algorithms and advanced software features for 5-axis machining.

Take a break over your lunch hour and plan to attend the September Manufacturing Lunch + Learn - Sept. 29, 2022 at 12PM ET. 

The first session is from EMUGE FRANKE about thread production for challenging, safety critical aerospace parts.  

Complex materials such as Inconels, nickel-based superalloys, Monel, titanium, 420 stainless steel, and more are increasingly being used in aerospace part manufacture. Threading these tough materials can pose challenges, so having the right thread mills for the job is key for success. During this session, experts will review three options for thread production:

  • How to efficiently produce UNJ Threads including an overview of the UNJ Screw Thread System defined by the most current industry's specification standard, and definitions of J Series Threads, Internal J series threads and External J series threads will be presented. Producing UNJ threads, particularly the internal form, can be very challenging because not only are the thread limit dimensions held to a close tolerance, but aerospace components often have blind holes which require the effective thread length to be within one pitch of the hole's bottom. Also, the overall difficulty of internal "J" series threads is another factor.
  • Safety critical manufacturing applications demand secure threads that won’t strip. The definition, origin, uses and benefits of Self-Locking Threads will be explained. Attendees will learn about the latest thread milling technology geometry for the self-locking threads and gain an understanding of the advantages of the wedge ramp angle on the thread’s flank.
  • Learn about the most advanced Circular Thread Milling technology available today that can immediately turn threading challenges into profits, with high productivity thread milling geometries and all the practical tips, techniques, and information necessary for a simple transition to high performance, cost savings, thread milling process in complex aerospace materials.

The second session if from FAGOR, discussing algorithms and advanced software features for 5-axis machiningAlgorithms for machining and motion control have always been essential for high-quality 5-axis applications. In this presentation, Fagor Automation will discuss these features and how the CNC system is made more capable than ever with artificial intelligence, data flow management and hardware power.