Automated setup for cross-hole deburring
Automated setup for cross-hole deburring
All photos courtesy Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc.

#4 Aerospace Manufacturing and Design’s Best of 2021: Flexible hones for cross-hole deburring

Delta Machine relies on flexible honing for smoothing holes in complex aerospace parts.


Removing burrs and sharp edges in cross-drilled holes and other difficult-to-access machined areas such as undercuts, grooves, slots, or internal holes can be tedious and time consuming. A particular challenge: deburring the intersection of cross-drilled holes in jet engine components.

Despite challenges, removing burrs is a must for high-quality, precision parts. Cross-drilled holes act as conduits for fluids, lubricants, and gases, so failing to remove burrs can block critical passages or create turbulence in the flow. Burrs can also lead to part misalignments, affect dimensional tolerances, and limit overall component efficiency.

Huntington Beach, California-based Delta Machine Co. LLC, a machine shop specializing in complex, tight-tolerance aerospace parts made of titanium, nickel, exotic alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics, pays close attention to deburring tools.

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