Boeing, Army sign CH-47F Block II Chinook production contract
Currently in flight testing, the CH-47F Block II Chinook brings critical modernization upgrades to the Army’s Chinook fleet.

Boeing, Army sign CH-47F Block II Chinook production contract

$136 million contract begins modernization of the U.S. Army’s heavy-lift capability.


The U.S. Army signed a $136 million contract for the first Boeing CH-47F Block II Chinooks.

The Army exercised options for four contracted CH-47F Block II Chinooks with the aircraft scheduled for delivery beginning 2023. Separately, the Army awarded Boeing a $29 million advanced procurement contract for the second production lot of CH-47F Block II aircraft.

The Block II Chinook features multiple upgrades aimed at providing additional lift capability and increasing commonality between U.S. and allied fleets, thus reducing maintenance costs.

“This is a big step in Chinook modernization, supporting the Army’s future multi-domain vision,” said Andy Builta, vice president of Cargo & Utility Helicopters and H-47 program manager. “The Block II technologies will drive commonality across the fleet and enable our soldiers to return home safely for decades.”