Aero Montreal presents 2016 Gilles-Demers Awards

Aero Montreal presents 2016 Gilles-Demers Awards

RTI Claro receives Small-Medium Enterprise of the Year in Aerospace Grand Prize.

October 7, 2016

Left to right: Suzanne M. Benoit, Aero Montreal; Christian Sauvé and Christian Ouimet, RTI Claro; Manon Brassard, Développement économique Canada pour les régions du Quebec (CNW Group/Aero Montreal)

Montreal, Canada – Aero Montreal, Quebec's aerospace cluster, presented the 2016 Gilles-Demers Award for " Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) of the Year in Aerospace" to RTI Claro during a gala evening recently.

RTI Claro was recognized for its leadership, excellence, and outstanding contribution to the reputation of Québec's aerospace industry.

For its second edition, in addition to the Grand Prize, three new categories were added as part of the Gilles-Demers competition:
• Creation of wealth and influence: the prize was awarded to Group DCM.
• Commitment to innovation: the prize was awarded to Optimum Canada.
• Business development and internationalization: the prize was awarded to Nétur.

"Gilles Demers was an entrepreneur who believed that the development of a strong Québec industry depends on the ability of companies to join forces to offer the best," says Suzanne M. Benoît, president Aéro Montréal. "Although he passed away a few years ago, his legacy remains. The Gilles-Demers Prize – SME of the Year in Aerospace, is presented to a company that has helped to promote the aerospace cluster as a whole, both locally and internationally. It is a way for us to honor him. By working closely with its suppliers to grow its business, as well as that of its partners, the team of Christian Ouimet, general manager of RTI Claro, has distinguished itself quite remarkably."

Quebec's aerospace cluster is made up of nearly 200 companies that generate impressive revenues of $15.5 billion. Aerospace is a major and dynamic engine of economic growth for Quebec.

"For its second edition, thanks to its three new categories, the Gilles-Demers Award has been able to recognize the tremendous talent of a larger number of SMEs," says Benoît. "One of our central goals is to highlight the considerable diversity, innovation, and excellence of companies in our industry."

In addition to the high visibility gained at the gala, RTI Claro's prize included business development consulting services valued at $12,000 provided by the Seefeld Group.

Source: Aéro Montréal