Fluid cell sheet hydroforming (Video)

February 24, 2021

Triform 68-10 fluid cell sheet hydroforming machine


• High-performance sheet metal and composite forming capability

• Increased forming capacity via a universal bladder can form multiple parts in a single cycle

• Dramatically lower tooling costs through elimination of mated dies

• Minimized reliance on skilled labor through an intuitive, programmable control system with built-in recipe handling

• Compact, flush-floor designs eliminate the need for pits or special foundations

• Even application of pressure outperforms traditional rubber pad forming

• Fast, inexpensive bladder changes for increased up-time

• Reduced unplanned downtime with simple preventive maintenance

Forming area
68" dia (1,727mm)
Max. chamber pressure
10,000psi (689 bar)
Max. tool height
12” (304 mm)
Cycle time*
130 seconds incl. shuttle
Max. dwell
30 seconds

Power System*
Total system
Working fluid
AW 46
Reservoir capacity
600 gal (2,271L)

210" (533cm)
196" (498cm)
205" (520cm)

Control System
Programmable Controls (PLC)
Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Touchscreen Interface
15" color touchscreen

* All cycle times are estimated with filler plate at 5,000psi and 50% volume.

Beckwood’s Triform 68-10 fluid cell sheet hydroforming machine is currently being used to make large engine components for space launch vehicles.