YXLON UX50, a new computed tomography system

YXLON UX50, a new computed tomography system

March 11, 2022



YXLON's new computed tomography system YXLON UX50 has a compact, durable design and was developed especially for the production environment, with a specific focus on the foundry industry. The system is suited for testing components of traditional drive technology.

With an output of 450 kV, it is suitable for testing dense, large components and offers maximum flexibility attributed to the selectable equipment of both flat-panel and/or line detectors. Regardless of the application, extensive CT techniques and image enhancement tools ensure optimal results in three-dimensional analyses. Additionally, UX50 supports fast 2D DR inspections, using the proven HDR filter to provide high-contrast, detailed fluoroscopic images for accurate evaluation.

UX50 is based on the user-friendly Geminy software platform and offers features enabling ergonomic working. The mature upgrade concept leads to investment safety because the system is ready to grow according to the user’s requirements.