Servo amplifier, single-axis controller

Servo amplifier, single-axis controller

October 31, 2017

Automation Cloud/Apps/IoT

A servo amplifier and single-axis controller in a single package, the YASKAWA SIGMA-7Siec allows control of single-axis applications, enabling machine builders and automation end-users to benefit from reduced set-up times and precise, reliable control.

The Sigma-7Siec builds on YASKAWA’s MP2600iec, which also provides an amplifier/controller combination. The unit accomplishes both functions while using the smaller footprint of an individual amplifier, which saves space in restricted control cabinets.

A bandwidth of 3.1kHz sets a new standard for servo response and YASKAWA’s advanced set of servo tuning algorithms ensure vibration suppression, auto-tuning, and tuning-less commissioning without installer intervention.

Sigma-7Siec offers open communication, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP for connectivity to nearly every HMI & PCI on the market. Also, IEC 61131-3 programming ensures that programs are developed and executed with predictable behavior, programmable outputs reduce panel cost, and space requirements when only a few outputs are necessary.

Many third party remote I/O modules, along with YASKAWA’s SLIO Vipa I/O, can be interfaced with the Sigma-7Siec system via Ethernet.

A built-in web server function offers standard controller diagnostic information, which eliminates the need for special monitoring/maintenance software.