Milling system for large workpieces

Milling system for large workpieces

January 21, 2019

Walter USA

Waukesha, Wisconsin – Walter has expanded its milling program with additions that allow the universal, square system inserts of its M4000 milling line to be used in its F2010 program, which is a milling family that uses a replaceable and adjustable cartridge.

Cartridges now available convert standard F2010 mill bodies into: the M4002, a 15° lead high-feed mill; the M4003, a 45° lead mill; and the M4132, a 90° shoulder mill, available in two insert sizes. These four new cartridges for the F2010 face and shoulder milling cutter line expand applications of the M4000 range to machining medium and large components.

Benefits include soft cutting action plus positive geometry for high metal removal rates and optimum efficiency. The cartridge-based milling cutters come in a diameter range of 3.15" to 12.4" (80mm to 315mm).

The design consists of a basic body plus four interchangeable cartridge-types for shoulder milling, face milling, or high-feed milling operations. The adjustable cartridges enable the runout to be fine-tuned to produce superior surface quality. The M4000 system is suitable for steel and cast-iron workpieces, stainless steels, materials with difficult cutting properties, aluminium, and other non-ferrous metals.