Solid carbide universal drill

Solid carbide universal drill

August 5, 2019

Walter USA

Waukesha, Wisconsin – The DC160 X·treme Evo Advance solid carbide universal drill from Walter features positioning accuracy achieved with a thinner web at the point and rapid guidance in the hole due to the advanced positioning of the margins.

The DC160 X·treme Evo achieves improved point geometry by using a deeper and larger chip gash at the point, requiring less torque and feed force to improve tool life. This also moves the second margin forward allowing it to engage sooner and improves true position of the hole for better hole quality. The DC160 four-margin drill provides improved stability in uneven entrance and exits, as well as cross holes or interruptions. It has an improved TiSiAlCrN/AlTiN multi-layer coating and is available in 3XD ,5XD, 8XD and 12XD. The range covers diameters of 3mm to 20mm (3mm to 25mm for 5XD). The drill can be used with or without internal coolant, depending on size.

The DC160 can be used with all ISO material groups and in applications such as inclined entries and exits, drilling holes close to the edge of the workpiece, or convex and concave surfaces. It can be used with horizontal and vertical machining centers and in lathes.

One of three categories of Walter solid carbide drills (Advance, Perform, Supreme), Advance tools balance price and performance. Perform tools provide an economical solution with focused importance on price. The Supreme designation indicates the highest level of technology and performance available.