Expanded thread milling cutter line

Expanded thread milling cutter line

January 4, 2018

Walter USA


Waukesha, Wisconsin – Walter has expanded the range of its T2711/T2712 thread milling cutter family for cutting large threads with two new tool bodies for the M56 and M64 threads and three new thread milling cutter inserts. The multiple-row thread milling cutter family can now be used for all dimensions in the coarse-pitch thread range. The T2711/T2712 thread milling system combines the advantages of thread milling with those of thread tapping. Multiple thread sections can be machined simultaneously with high cutting parameters, enabling machining times comparable to those of thread tapping and forming.

Users can benefit from the high degree of process reliability of thread milling and the cost benefits of an indexable insert tool. The thread milling cutter inserts have smaller corner radii, and the two new tool bodies allow M56 and M64 coarse-pitch threads to be cut. UNC, UNF, M, and MF thread sizes starting at 1" dia. (24mm) can be machined with the existing T2711/T2712 tool bodies and inserts.

The thread milling cutter inserts also cut finer pitches – between 6tpi and 18tpi (1.5mm and 6mm). Users can produce numerous pitches, instead of just one or two, with a single tool body.