Laser tool sharpening

Laser tool sharpening

March 23, 2020

Vollmer of America Corp.
Tooling/Cutting Laser/Waterjet/Alternative

Carnegie, Pennsylvania – German sharpening specialist VOLLMER offers the VLaser 270 laser-based sharpener. The machine will be presented for the first time in Spring 2020.

Innovative kinematics ensure fast and high-precision machining of ultra-hard cutting materials, always keeping the tool in the center of the focal point based on the C-axis. Automatic settings enable unmanned use of the VLaser 270 around the clock.

The VLaser 270 works without making contact, without tool wear, and without significant thermal influence to sharpen cutting tool edges tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) or other ultra-hard materials.

The VLaser 270 fixed laser beam guidance keeps the five axes arranged on top of each other so the tool is always machined at the C-axis pivot point. This makes it possible to machine tools with minimal axis movement and to ensure stable process control and high path accuracy, improving machining accuracy and tool quality.

The VLaser 270 can optionally be equipped with a counter point to achieve even higher concentricity. The VLaser 270 can be combined with HC 4 tool change automation used for other VOLLMER machines.

VOLLMER's laser technology can optimize different tool manufacturing processes, including chip-guide notch machining.