Coolant lubrication filtration systems

Coolant lubrication filtration systems

July 27, 2021

Vito Fryfilter Inc

VITO AG, the German manufacturer for the VITO oil filtration systems, is globally known for high efficiency and easy to use filtration systems build with highest quality material for a long-lasting filtration experience is introducing the VITO filter line, a product series especially for the manufacturing industry using all types of oil- and water-based lubricants.

“The idea of building a microfiltration system came to me already in the year 2000, when I noticed the need of a solution to maintain coolant lubricant to reduce labor and involved expenses. My idea, originally meant for the industry sector got poached by the food sector looking for a sustainable solution to prolong oil life. We focused on this field for more than 20 years now and have put our knowledge into the design of a new product line now especially for coolant lubricant,” says CEO Andreas Schmidt who holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and business administration.

The VITO filter is placed inside the basin where it filters the liquid automatically in pulsed filtration cycles and ventilates your water-based coolant to avoid tramp oil from building a surface layer. Using a cellulose filter, the patented pressure flow-filtration removes chips and solids from any kind of coolant lubricant. The VITO filters the coolant while your machinery is in operation to ensure a sufficient and smooth process of maintaining your lubricant.

The patented VITO filter decreases running cost for tools, increases the quality of your lubricant for more accurate workpieces and better cooling effect of the machine and tools as well as reduces maintenance work of your machine center.

Coolant Manager worldwide, Mr. Sutschek from the medical and pharmaceutical device company B. Braun was one of the first users of the VITO 90 filter: “VITO works fantastic. the filtration and the removal of metal chips in the tank stops our pump from clogging, which has significantly reduced our maintenance costs. We recommend the VITO.”

The VITO filter product line is now available in the USA and more information can be requested directly from VITO Fryfilter Inc. located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, or your local equipment & machinery dealer.