Automated 3-axis video measurement system

Automated 3-axis video measurement system

May 10, 2019

Vision Engineering

New Milford, Connecticut – Vision Engineering launches its first fully automated 3-axis video measurement system, LVC400, at EASTEC, Booth 3322, May 14, 2019.

For measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly and accurately, LVC400 offers faster measurement and high accuracy levels.

Featuring a 400mm x 300mm stage, LVC400 offers large measuring capacity and fully automated movement in all 3 axes, making component measurement faster. Non-stop measurement routines are possible through programs with magnification changes built in.

Additionally, multiple components can be loaded onto the stage and measured automatically in a single program. The system is pre-programmable or can be driven using the supplied joystick for one-off measurements.


  • 5MP USB 3 camera
  • Granite base for extra stability, precision
  • X-Y stage
  • Supports touch probe use in 3 axes
  • M3 software with reporting, data export, DXF overlays/fitting, thread measurement
  • Automated video measurement with motorized zoom