Heat blanket for composite curing

Heat blanket for composite curing

April 30, 2021

Veelo Technologies LLC


Cincinnati, Ohio – VeeloHEAT Blanket from Veelo Technologies provides uniform and reliable heating for composite curing applications and helps manufacturers keep composites out of the curing oven. The innovative design of the VeeloHEAT Blanket results in a bendable, drapable blanket that will more easily conform to complex geometries commonly found in composite manufacturing. It uses a pliable electrothermal film between multiple silicone layers without stiff and breakable wires. The net-shape draping that occurs with VeeloHEAT Blankets can help a manufacturer or repair facility realize substantial savings and improvement in build and repair rates.

The non-metallic heating solution produces excellent thermal uniformity. When the temperature is measured with a thermocouple, consistent readings are found across the entire surface. Small holes and minimal wear incurred during usage will typically not affect area temperature as they would with broken wires.

Larry Christy, Veelo's Director of Research and Development, says, "Success for us means near net shape and uniform coverage with a highly drapable product; and uniform, reliable heat coverage via intimate contact with the part. If a manufacturer isn't getting consistent heat to certain areas of the composite, that part gets scrapped."

The VeeloHEAT Controller can control blanket processing systems with 16 or more output channels. The digital IoT controller can store data, receive updates locally or via the cloud, and is highly customizable.

The aerospace composites industry currently uses VeeloHEAT solutions to bond and repair multi-million-dollar composite aerostructures. Veelo helps them accelerate adhesive cure, perform faster composite repairs, and improve debulk processes.