Expanded head-changeable drill line

Expanded head-changeable drill line

December 12, 2017

Tungaloy America Inc.

Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Tungaloy is expanding its insert line for TungSix-Drill, the head-changeable drill, to include grade AH3135. Six total items are to be added.

The TungSix-Drill indexable insert drill incorporates double-sided, triangular inserts with six effective cutting edges. Unlike traditional double-sided inserts, which would generate unwanted, heavy cutting load during drilling, the TungSix-Drill insert is designed with an optimized rake angle and chipbreakers on both sides of the insert, which provide the same light cutting action as a single-sided, positive insert.

AH3135 is a high fracture resistant grade consisting of a tough carbide substrate and multiple layers of coatings designed to withstand high vibrations due to unfavorable cutting conditions ensuring long tool life.

Due to the insert’s increased number of cutting edges and tool life, TungSix-Drill provides the most efficient cost per insert economy in Tungaloy’s hole making line.

At a glance:

- Drill diameters: 0.812" to 2.000" (20mm to 27mm); 2xD, 3xD, 4xD

- Double-sided inserts with six fully usable cutting edges

- Identical inserts used for both the center and the periphery

- High hole-diameter accuracy due to optimal insert positioning

- Robust center cutting edge due to effective geometry

- AH3135 grade for fracture resistance