Indexable thread turning tool

Indexable thread turning tool

September 4, 2019

Tungaloy America Inc.
Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Arlington Heights, Illinois – Tungaloy America Inc. is expanding its TetraMini-Cut, an indexable thread turning tool series with 4-edged insert, to include full profile threading inserts for machining external threads in ISO metric thread standards.

The TetraMini-Cut insert comes in a compact profile with 4 cutting edges. Its insert clamping ensures high repeatability, accuracy, and tool life predictability. The new full profile threading insert can be mounted on the existing standard TetraMini-Cut toolholder for 60° V-profile or grooving inserts. Since the insert cuts a complete thread profile including the crest, no thread profile deburring is needed. In addition, the optimized tool design provides minimal interference when turning toward the lathe tailstock. The SH725 grade allows free cutting of fine pitch threads in small diameter bores and the AH725 grade is for universal threading applications on Swiss-type and general lathes.


  • Full profile threading insert with 4 cutting edges
  • Complete thread profiling with no need for deburring of the crest
  • Available in SH725 and AH725 to address thread pitch varieties
  • Applicable for 0.5mm to 1.5mm thread pitches for external ISO metric threads
  • Eliminates interference when turning toward the lathe tailstock
  • 7 inserts to be added