Chipbreaker optimized for gundrilling

Chipbreaker optimized for gundrilling

July 3, 2019

Tungaloy America Inc.
Machining Centers Tooling/Cutting

Arlington Heights, Illinois – Tungaloy is introducing NDL geometry for TOHT inserts for the DeepTri-Drill line of indexable gun drills.

Dedicated gundrilling machines do not allow conventional DeepTri-Drills to effectively evacuate chips from the cutting point due to relatively low drill feed capabilities. This often results in problematic chip evacuation. The new NDL cutting geometry addresses this issue with its optimized chipbreaker design that ensures good chip control during slow feeding motion of the drill.

The NDL geometry incorporates optimal chip breaker and splitters to provide the best chip evacuation when a high feed parameter is not available such as on gundrilling machines. Combined with the existing NDJ geometry for superior deep-drilling performance at high feed rates, a comprehensive line of DeepTri-Drill can better address the needs of customers seeking productivity and stability in every deep hole making operation.

At a glance

• Best chip evacuation at feed rates of ≤ 0.1mm per rev

• For low-power machines with limited feed capability such as gundrilling machines

• 6 inserts added in this expansion