Coated cermet grade for high-speed finish turning

Coated cermet grade for high-speed finish turning

June 26, 2018

Tungaloy America Inc.
Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Arlington Heights, Illinois – Tungaloy is introducing a coated cermet grade, AT9530 for steel turning applications.

The grade incorporates Tungaloy’s multi-layered coating technology and PremiumTec special post-surface treatment. This combination provides resistance to wear and fracture for improved productivity in steel finishing during high speed machining. The grade offers wear resistance particularly in alloy steel turning. This latest addition complements the existing NS9530 and GT9530 cermet grades to enhance their application ranges and productivity.

The AT9530 grade is available with the –TSF and –PS style chipbreakers for steel turning, in standard ISO turning inserts as well as ISO-EcoTurn inserts. A total of 111 items are introduced to cover a wide range of applications.

Grade at a glance:

  • Wear, fracture resistance from multi-layer (Ti,Al)N based coating
  • PremiumTec post-surface treatment for machining stability
  • 111 items