CNC Machines and Laser Cutters

CNC Machines and Laser Cutters

July 11, 2016

Tsugami-REM Sales

Windsor, Connecticut - Tsugami/Rem Sales, the exclusive North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools, announced today the details of its International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) display, which features four machines that have never been displayed at this show.

Tsguami/Rem Sales will debut the new SS207-5AX LaserSwiss, a 20 mm 5-Axis Swiss Type CNC Lathe with B-Axis control. The LaserSwiss combines Swiss style CNC machining with laser cutting on one machine.  Developed by Rem Sales’ sister company, Innovative Machinery Group (IMG), it allows manufacturers to perform Swiss turning and laser cutting operations with a single setup. All operations are programmed and driven from the machine’s Fanuc 31i-B5 CNC.

“This machine has decreased cycle time exponentially for some of our customers,” IMG Laser Product Manager Dale White said, “and it’s allowed manufacturers to consider part designs that couldn’t be machined with conventional methods.”

The Tsugami BW209Z, B0205-III and P034H machines are also new to the IMTS this year. The BW209Z is a 20 mm capacity split-slide CNC precision Swiss style lathe. It boasts a 10,000 rpm main spindle speed and a 12,000 rpm back spindle speed. It can house 28 tools and is equipped with a Fanuc 31i-B CNC.

The new B0205-III represents the next generation of Tsugami Swiss Type CNC Lathes. “It’s a heavier, more rigid, enhaced version of the B0205-II,” Vice President Mike Mugno said.

Improvements to this 20 mm 5-Axis lathe include faster cross tool speeds, longer back spindle strokes on the X2 and Z2 axes, larger ball screw diameters, and expansion of its thermal displacement compensation system, which can now be used on every linear axis. The B0205-III cutting demonstration will include loading automation and integrated robotics. 

The P034H is a 3 mm 4-Axis Swiss type Lathe. Designed for micro machining, it’s ideal for mass production of tiny, very precise parts. The main and back spindles operate at 20,000 rpms and the machine has 14 total tool positions. Automatic thermal displacement compensation, an adjustable grip chuck, and a specialized bar feeder are standard.

Other Tsugami machines on display include the B038T 38 mm high performance gang/turret lathe, B0326-II 32 mm 6-axis swiss turn, SS327-5AX 32 mm 7-axis CNC lathe with servo-driven B-sxis, and the heavy duty M08SY CNC Turning Center.

Source: Tsugnami-REM Sales