TRIBOS-SVL Toolholder Extensions

TRIBOS-SVL Toolholder Extensions

February 18, 2013

Schunk Inc.

The slim design of the TRIBOS-SVL toolholder extensions from SCHUNK allows precise and smooth machining of workpiece areas that are difficult to access. In spite of the slim design, the extension is robust and permits a run-out accuracy of less than 0.003mm.

The TRIBOS-SVL can be combined with a  variety of toolholders, such as our TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders, CELSIO heat shrink toolholders, with collet toolholders, and of course with TRIBOS toolholders.

The TRIBOS extensions in connection with our TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders or the TRIBOS-R polygonal toolholders complement each other in an ideal manner. Both systems have a vibration damping effect on the overall system.

The TRIBOS SVL has a wide range of clamping diameters. They are available in metric from 0.3mm to 20 mm and in inches from 1/8" to 3/4".