WhisperTrak linear actuator line expansion

Radford, Virginia – Thomson Industries Inc., a manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has expanded its WhisperTrak actuator line to give motion system designers greater ability to extend quiet, compact actuation to more demanding applications. New additions to the WhisperTrak linear actuator line double force-handling capability from 2kN to 4kN; provide higher-speed operation at 2kN; and offer new options for low-level switching, limit switching and position control at both 2kN and 4kN operation.

“We had initially developed the WhisperTrak line for lower-load applications that benefit from a sleek, compact design, such as patient handling, personal mobility and office operations,” said Travis Gilmer, Thomson product line specialist. “When system designers saw the whole package, though, they wanted it for higher-force applications as well. To deliver that, we doubled the available load capacity and bundled in some of the advanced onboard electronics capabilities we have been advancing across all of our product lines. The result is a quiet, intelligent actuator with extremely high power density.”

The 4kN WhisperTrak offering is rated for 4kN (900 lb) with load speed at 4mm/sec (0.16 in./sec). The 2kN version is rated for 2,000kN (450 lb) with load speeds of up to 8mm/s (0.31 in./sec). All models can be specified for 12- or 24-volt input with stroke lengths available between 100mm and 500mm (3.94" to 19.69").

The new WhisperTrak offerings have the same ruggedness as original Thomson actuators. This includes an IP67 static environmental rating, which provides the ability to operate in harsh conditions in which they are exposed to washdown, rain, and dust without the use of an additional cover. WhisperTrak actuators are maintenance free and have an average life of 10,000 cycles at the maximum load capacity.

Source: Thomson Industries Inc.

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