Hybrid metal 3D printing tool

Hybrid metal 3D printing tool

September 5, 2018

Takumi USA


Indianapolis, Indiana – Takumi USA will showcase 3D-Hybrid’s metal 3D printing tool at IMTS 2018. The result will be one of the largest and fastest metal 3D printers with full in-process machining capability, according to Karl F. Hranka, founder of 3D-Hybrid Solutions

With Takumi’s large double-column machining center and 3D-Hybrid’s economical Wire-Arc Additive tool, we will be breaking new ground in the market for a high precision, lower cost metal 3D Hybrid machining center, Hranka says.

Takumi USA: The Takumi H12 double-column machining center is the perfect platform to accept the integration of the additive process, due to the large work envelope and high-speed machining capabilities.

3D-hybrid: The demonstration will be focused on matching with the machine’s strengths for producing very large high precision parts found in the tooling, mold and die industries. Why Hybrid? Consolidating 3D-Hybrid’s Additive Manufacturing tool with a CNC machine is filled with value propositions:

  • Single setup and in-process machining
  • Simplified management structure and reduced learning curve
  • Greatly reduced barrier to entry for metal AM
  • Repair and salvage applications
  • Just-in-time manufacturing, feeding wire to near net shape production
  • Reduced material costs on large parts
  • Multi-material parts

Production metal 3D printed parts require post machining to be joined to mating parts. 3D-Hybrid embraces that and is focused on evolving and advancing directed energy deposition technologies as 3D-tools for the CNC environment, Hranka says. The company offers three metal AM technologies for CNC machines: Wire-arc additive manufacturing, laser metal deposition and cold spray. Together these technologies can handle almost any metal AM application and alloy, Hranka says.

Visit Takumi USA and 3D-Hybrid Solutions at booth #338420 in the South Building (Level 3 – Metal Cutting) at McCormick Place for a demonstration schedule and to learn more about additive manufacturing.

H12 Specifications:

  • Table size: 59.1" x 37.8"
  • Table load: 5,512 lb
  • X-Y-Z travels: 53.2" x 37.4" x 23.6"
  • X-Y-Z rapids: 1,181ipm (direct drive ball screws)
  • Spindle taper: BIG PLUS 40
  • Spindle: 15,000rpm (direct drive)
  • Spindle: 20.1hp/24.8hp
  • Spindle torque: 105.5 ft-lb
  • ATC stations: 30
  • Machine weight: 28,600 lb