Absolute coordinate measuring robot

Absolute coordinate measuring robot

April 30, 2018



The 3D metrology market sensed robots were coming. They are definitely there, with Stäubli Robotics and Metrologic Group announcing a jointly developed robotic solution competing with the classical CMMs on the accuracy field, with no tracking devices associated.

This first of its kind Coordinate Measuring Robot (CMR) combines Metrolog X4 i-Robot – Metrologic Group’s robot-dedicated 3D measurement software built on over 35 years of expertise in 3D error mapping and compensation – with Stäubli’s 6-axis TX90 and TX200 series robots. The partnership allows the highly efficient mechanical robots developed by Stäubli achieving ±100-micron accuracy in touch trigger mode, in a 1 cubic meter volume, and ±150-micron in optical laser scanning mode. As all the Metrologic Group’s software suite does, the CMR can accommodate any kind of touch probe or optical sensor, of any make.

One single software solution
Metrolog X4 i-Robot not only improves the accuracy and the integration of laser sensors and touch systems; it fully controls the robot and makes the most out of the inspection results; all that in one single solution. Silma X4 i-Robot is used for any robot virtual programming based on inspection features: it makes it easy for any metrologist to program CMR measurements as simply as with any classical CMM.

The CMR delivers 3D metrology laboratory accuracy beside the production line and brings many benefits:

  • It reduces investment cost as no tracking device is necessary (neither laser tracker nor camera needed)
  • It increases measurement accessibility as no tracker system limits the measurement area (no blind spots)
  • Moreover, fully equipped with Metrologic Group software suite it is a 4.0 factory-ready solution that is flexible, reliable, and easy to use