Vision, force measuring solutions

Vision, force measuring solutions

April 9, 2019

The L.S. Starrett Company

The Starrett FMM Digital Force Tester with L2 software is a force testing system for high volume in situ production, incoming inspection and validation, or basic force measurement. Starrett L2 systems operate using a Windows-based tablet PC. Load, distance, and time results are displayed in a large format for easy interpretation. Graphical representation and data tables display results with tolerance and statistical calculations. Standard reports are included, or export data for use with other applications.

The Starrett AVR300 CNC vision system is for repetitive measurements with high accuracy, providing automatic comparison to CAD files. The compact bench top system offers 12" x 8" x 8" travel, Z-axis measuring, and MetLogix M3 software for video edge detection. The AVR300 systems are available with 6:5:1 (optional 12:1) zoom optics or a quick-change bayonet lens mount that accepts a choice of six interchangeable telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and optical distortion down to 0.001% for accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements.

The FOV can encompass an entire small part, up to 2" x 1.5", or a feature of a larger part, and can be integrated with stage motion to measure parts up to 12" long. The systems are rapid video-based, which reduce measurement time and are ideal for quality assurance, inspection labs, manufacturing, assembly, and research facilities. A precision mechanical bearing X-Y-Z stage and column translates data accurately and repeatably to the MetLogix software.

The Starrett HDV300 horizontal digital video comparator has an interchangeable lens mounting system, go/no-go digital overlay capability directly from part CAD files, real-time video edge detection, and more. With 12" x 6" of stage travel, the HDV is configured like a traditional horizontal comparator. The system has a 5MP digital video camera coupled with a choice of quick change telecentric lenses or 6.5:1 zoom for micron-level resolution.