Compact embedded torque hinge

Compact embedded torque hinge

October 23, 2020


Concordville, Pennsylvania – Southco recently launched the ST-10P Torque Cartridge Embedded Hinge. The newest addition to Southco’s ST Torque Cartridge Embedded Hinge series delivers constant torque in a compact package for pivoting and positioning applications where low levels of friction are required.

The ST-10P features an outside diameter of 10mm and torque up to 2N•m, allowing end users to easily position small, mounted components including lids and display screens, and hold them securely in place at any angle.

The hinge is designed for applications requiring constant torque functionality in a molded assembly. With its concealed design, the press-in torque insert easily integrates into plastic, cast metal, and sheet metal applications, enhancing the overall feel and performance of the end product. The ST-10P features a concealed design that improves the aesthetics of the equipment when compared to visible surface mount hinges.

“Southco’s ST-10P Torque Cartridge Embedded Hinge adds friction to positioning applications with a reduced design footprint while maintaining a compact, economical form factor,” said Global Product Manager Stewart Beck. “The concealed design and ergonomic functionality of the ST Embedded Torque Cartridge Hinge Series provides an enhanced experience for the end user, while the simple press-in cartridge design simplifies installation.”