Updated panel-fastening latch

Updated panel-fastening latch

January 15, 2019


Assembly Design Components

Concordville, Pennsylvania – Southco Inc., a producer of engineered access solutions, has refreshed its R2 Panel Fastening Draw Latch series with an updated version that combines a reliable, industrial grade finish with strength and durability. Refreshed with galvanized steel, Southco’s new R2 Panel Fastening Draw Latch delivers a consistent appearance over time while maintaining the product’s established quality and strength.

Southco’s R2 Panel Fastening Draw Latch enables the rapid assembly and disassembly of doors and panels, providing significant reductions in time and labor. It is a proven solution for joining panels, providing sufficient pull-up action to create a tight connection and seal.

Updating the established product with galvanized steel offers a consistent finish at an economical price point.