Compact display mounting arm

Compact display mounting arm

October 13, 2020


Concordville, Pennsylvania –Southco has added a compact display arm designed for desktops and equipment carts. The AV D32 Dynamic Mounting Arm (C series) allows users to easily adjust the display height of monitors and screens, delivering reliable positioning technology in a reduced form factor.

Southco’s AV C series is a horizontally mounted display positioning solution that allows for vertical adjustment of screens and monitors in applications too constrained for larger height-adjustable arms. The C series allows a monitor to be easily tilted and rotated, swivels at the base of the assembly and can be lowered 60° from the fully extended position for optimal display viewing.

The AV C series features high weight capability, supporting heavy monitors of up to 28 lb and accommodating a wide range of display sizes. With its streamlined design, the AV C series provides enhanced aesthetic appeal with integrated wire management and minimal joints for easy cleaning.

AV-D32 Series Display Mounts feature intuitive grab and move operation, with precise control of operating efforts that enhances user feel and reduces display drift. Southco’s complete line of AV Display Mounts solutions eliminate the need for constant maintenance and readjustment, enable effortless fingertip positioning and boast a tested, repeatable cycle life validated for 20k cycles of operation. Southco’s AV D32 Dynamic Mounting Arm (C Series) provides ergonomic height-adjustable positioning of monitors and touchscreens in applications where space is at a premium.