Snap-On Industrial Brands Catalog

Snap-On Industrial Brands Catalog

October 18, 2012

Snap-On Business Solutions

The new Snap-on Industrial Brands catalog includes detailed information on more than 7,100 professional tool and equipment items – a 15% increase from its previous edition.

The new 596-page catalog, coined Catalog 2, includes a complete listing of Bahco’s bandsaw blade offering (more than 275 blades), making it easier to specify the correct bandsaw blade for technicians’ exact application. The catalog also contains Snap-on Industrial Brands’ full assortment of tool storage, torque tools, hand tools, and specialty products – giving industrial technicians the biggest selection of tools and equipment available on the market today.

Features of the Snap-on Industrial Brands Catalog 2 include:
•    Full selection of tools within the Snap-on Industrial Brands family of tools: Bahco, Williams, and CDI Torque Products
•    New selection of master tool sets designed specifically for the petroleum, oil, and natural gas markets
•    Tool storage identification guide to select the best tool storage unit for every application
•    Detailed information on hammers, punches, chisels, prybars, and other specialty tools and equipment
•    Large color photos of thousands of tools and equipment items with easy-to-read information on product code, sizes and descriptions     
•    Torque charts and useful information on the principles of torque and how to apply it to everyday applications
•    Product code index and alphabetical tool index to pinpoint exact page number for specific tools and equipment