Pneumatic, hydraulic twin vises

Pneumatic, hydraulic twin vises

September 17, 2021

SMW Autoblok

SMW Autoblok, a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotational chucks, stationary workholding, tooling and custom engineered solutions for the machine tool industry, introduces the fully automated compact PTP/PTH Series Twin Vise providing pneumatic and hydraulic clamping force with standard jaw stroke, long stroke or one fixed jaw stroke control.

Ideal for automation, the self-centering PTP pneumatic and PTH hydraulic Twin Vises are the seamless solution for tombstone and storage solutions as well as 4- and 5-axis multi-pallet machining centers with or without robot loading.

The PTP/PTH Twin Vises feature a compact design, high failsafe clamping force up to 60kN, case hardened components for high precision and long life. Effective for both O.D. and I.D clamping, the spring-loaded Twin Vises and can be used with industry standard or engineered top jaws. Optional SinterGrip clamping inserts are available which provide no dovetailing and 3.5mm clamping depth (versus 30mm standard). Adding SinterGrip reduces the waste of expensive raw materials and minimizes deformation. A series of solid carbide serrated inserts grip the workpiece so securely that vibration is virtually non-existent. This stability allows for higher cutting speed and feed rates which translates into more metal removed in less machining time.

All modules are Proofline sealed protected against corrosion and feature a built-in air cleaning function to ensure that the clamping system's support surface remain clean and free of chips during changeover or automation. This feature greatly reduces maintenance and production time and provides a repeat accuracy of up to 0.01mm. Sizes include 100mm, 120mm, 160mm, and 200mm.

For additional information on the PTP/PTH Vise Series, please download the brochure: See our full line of stationary workholding products manufactured and distributed to the US from our Italian subsidiary, SMW-Autoblok OML here: