Power milling chucks

Power milling chucks

February 7, 2019

Seco Tools LLC


Troy, Michigan – Shops that seek to maximize milling performance while they reduce tooling inventories will benefit from newly introduced Power Milling Chucks from Seco Tools. With holding power and transmittable torque that rival hydraulic and shrink-fit holders, Power Milling Chucks offer high precision with 5µm runout accuracy at 3xD in addition to enhanced application flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Through direct clamping technology, one Power Milling Chuck can hold cylindrical shank 0.75" and 1.25" (20mm, 32 mm) diameter tools and Weldon shank tools of 0.75" (20mm) diameters. With the use of reduction sleeves, the chuck accommodates shank diameters in cylindrical plain, Weldon, and Whistle Notch tools from 0.25" up to 1.00" (6mm up to 25mm). These chucks secure milling tools for roughing and finishing operations, as well as drilling and tapping tools.

To avoid the clamping problems often associated with the steel-to-steel contact on collet chucks, Seco created Power Milling Chucks with numerous innovative advantages, including a nut and needle-bearing design for superior clamping power with minimal tightening force/torque requirements.

Optional coolant-stop screws enable Power Milling Chucks to engage through-tool coolant with no additional expense of ancillary equipment such as heating or hydraulic units.

Seco makes Power Milling Chucks for HSK-A, Seco-Capto, DIN, BT, and BT taper-face, and ANSI (CAT) and ANSI (CAT) taper face spindle interfaces. Each chuck includes spanner wrench, stop screw, and operating instructions, with a hook spanner for sleeve extraction available separately.