Pneumatic clamping vise

Pneumatic clamping vise

January 5, 2022

Schunk Inc.

Collaborative robots and integrators have made it easier to implement automated machine tending. Small to medium size manufacturers are making the investment into automation and seeing returns in less than six months.

 The Schunk Tandem PGS3 vise features reliable, quality construction, the Tandem PGS3 reflects Schunk’s 75 years of experience at building components for the industrial automated manufacturing industry.

Low maintenance and precise

The pneumatically operated clamping force block Schunk Tandem PGS3-LH 100 can be directly mounted on machine tables, dividing heads or Vero-S NSL 150 clamping stations of machining centers by an integrated flange. The compact design and square shape ensure accessibility and enables a stroke of 6 mm per jaw. With a clamping force of 4,500 N and a repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm, the Schunk Tandem PGS3 is suitable for applications in aluminum and plastics machining.

Features include a chip-repellent design, the surface-treated components in the force flow and the long base jaw guides that prevent the chuck jaws from buckling under load. The vise can be equipped with all standard top jaws with tongue and groove (KTR, KTR-H) from chuck jaws from Schunk. With lateral air connections and built-in keyways on the bottom, the vise can be immediately installed in any machine tool.

Plug & Play: Tandem PGS3 and Vero-S System

PGS3 and Vero-S achieves automated workpiece clamping and quick setup changeover, reducing setup times to a matter of seconds. Workholding such as the PGS3 can quickly be moved to different processes across a facility if Vero-S is on multiple machines.