Hybrid tool and peel grinding machine

Hybrid tool and peel grinding machine

October 4, 2021

Rollomatic Inc


Mundelein, Illinois – Rollomatic, a leading machine tool manufacturer based in Le Landeron, Switzerland, maintains its global leadership position in the field of multi-axis CNC grinding by launching a brand-new hybrid model for combination grinding of tool geometries as well as peel grinding for neck, plunge, and other blank prep operations.

The new GrindSmart 660XW is a 6-axis tool and peel grinding machine. It allows the user to use cost-effective and advanced lean manufacturing principles, termed Ultra-Lean Grinding Process. The machine includes a 6-position wheel changer and linear motors on all axes.

Workhead: It features a traveling high-speed workhead. Peel grinding for blank preparation and neck grinding are included in the same chucking.

Peel grinding: Blank preparation for common-shank rotary cutting tools, neck grinding for long-reach mold & die endmills, and plunge grinding operations can be performed.

Steady rest: This machine includes an innovative steady rest system designed for grinding endmills as well as for drill point grinding.

Spindle motor: The grinding spindle is synchronous and is rated at 20hp.

Thermal stability and Cpk process capability index: The thermal stability is exceptionally good due to an innovative 6-axis design and double-skin coolant enclosure. Field tests have demonstrated an unusually high Cpk process capability index for any tool grinding machine.

Grinding range: From micro-size range to 1/2" (12.7 mm).

And many more new features.

Rollomatic provides outstanding service/support from its North American headquarters in Mundelein, Illinois and satellite offices in California, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.