Double-rough pinch grinding process

Double-rough pinch grinding process

December 14, 2020

Rollomatic Inc

Rollomatic, the original inventor of the pinch/peel grinding methodology, has developed a new process for pinch and peel grinding and is staying in the forefront in developing specific processes related to making this type of machine even more productive. Pinch grinding offers accurate geometrical dimensions on the blank and tight surface finish requirements. In pinch grinding, the roughing and finishing wheels grind parts simultaneously, with the finishing wheel trailing the roughing wheel. The rough and finish grinding are performed in one pass. This innovative way to cylindrically grind parts eliminates separate processes and reduces cycle time.

Rollomatic developed an advanced process known as double rough pinch grinding which vastly decreases cycle times for blank preparation of the following carbide cutting tools:

  • T-slot cutters
  • Thread endmills
  • Rotary burs
  • Endmills for die and mold machining
  • Long-reach endmills
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Rollomatic ShapeSmart NP50

Solid carbide grinding by the ShapeSmart NP50 in one setup

  • Repeatable process for long-batch production.
  • Both grinding stations are equipped with diamond wheels with a grit size which is normally used for rough grinding.
  • The blank is then “pinched” between two rough-grit diamond wheels.
  • The wheels interact on the blank simultaneously in a synchronized approach. While one wheel does the majority of the work, the second wheel cleans up what was let from the other wheel.
  • The surface finish on the blank is better than what would normally be considered an acceptable finish.
  • The cycle time is a fraction of what it would have been using the customary pinch grinding method with roughing and finishing wheels