6-axis tool grinding

6-axis tool grinding

August 19, 2020

Rollomatic Inc


Swiss machine tool manufacturer Rollomatic’s GrindSmart model 630XW machine improves grinding of solid carbide boring bars and other stationary cutting tools. Boring bar grinding on the Rollomatc 6-axis tool grinding machines offers exceptional flexibility in comparison to conventional single-purpose grinders.

With its 6 fully interpolating CNC axes and a 6-staton wheel/nozzle changer, the machine can easily be adapted for individual boring bar designs, both for short and long runs. The compact and versatile design allows full interchangeability between boring bars, inserts and round tools.

The following operations can be performed on the GrindSmart series in one operation including flipping the tool:

  • Profile grinding
  • Rake face grinding
  • Coolant flat grinding
  • Neck grinding

While the machine is able to grind any large-size boring bar, its capabilities extend to miniature turning tools, boring, threading, grooving and facing tools. Both right hand/left hand and ahead/behind center can be produced with equal ease. Rake angles can be ground in 2 planes. Additionally, quick-change features can also be added to the grinding operations.

Compared to dedicated insert grinders, the GrindSmart 6-axis series together with the wheel/nozzle changer offer the highest available flexibility for grinding a variety of boring bars and other stationary cutting tools, while maintaining the ability to switch over to round-shank tools within minutes.

  • Radius contour accuracy due to mechanical and so??ware features, as low as 0.0001” (2 microns)
  • Pick-and-place robot, so that the tools do not get damaged after grinding
  • Wheel and nozzle changers with 6 positions or 16 positions. Each wheel pack can accommodate up to 4 wheels
  • In-process rotary dressing, or automatic sticking device available
  • Linear motion control on CNC axes
  • Desktop tool design software with 3D tool simulation and 3D machine animation with collision warning. High level of functionality, speed, freedom in tool design and user-friendliness.