Roh’lix Linear Actuators

Roh’lix Linear Actuators

August 2, 2013


Zero-Max is now offering Roh’lix linear actuators made from stainless steel for use in operations where cleanliness is a priority. Used to convert rotary motion to linear travel, Roh’lix linear actuators carry loads at speeds up to 70” per second depending on size. 

Stainless steel components make these Roh’lix linear actuators ideal for food, drug, packaging, and similar applications where cleanliness and frequent system wash-downs are required.

Ideal for positioning operations in all types of machinery, Roh’lix linear actuators turn rotational motion into linear motion much like a ball screw, except the Roh’lix has the added feature of overload protection. The Roh’lix “overload” feature allows for thrust capacity adjustment so that the linear travel will halt if the preset thrust is exceeded. This provides protection if an obstruction is encountered in the system – a valuable safety feature when there is human interaction in the process.

These precision actuators consist of three stainless steel ball bearings (which are replaceable) at each end of a two-piece stainless steel housing. Mounted at an angle to the drive axis, the six bearing design converts drive shaft rotation into proportional linear travel. With a minimum of 90% efficiency, typical Roh’lix applications provide up to 100 million inches of linear travel.

The Roh’lix is compact, easy to install and requires little maintenance, important features when designing an efficient automation system. Standard model Roh’lix operate in temperatures between -10°F and 180°F, with special models available for higher or lower temperatures.  Standard Roh’lix units are rated to handle thrusts between 5 lb and 200 lb on shafting ranging from 3/8” or 8mm to 2” or 50mm diameter.