Crystal oscillators

Crystal oscillators

April 5, 2021

Q-Tech Corp.

Culver City, California – Q-Tech Corp. has an extensive in-stock availability of fully space-qualified quartz crystal oscillators in a variety of traditional and ultra-miniature packages. The immediate availability of these components may alleviate supply chain problems delaying production of space, military, avionics, and high-temperature applications requiring fully tested and certified devices.

In addition, a large inventory of B-level components, perfectly suited for new product development, are also available. These devices provide acceptable level of performance at a far lower price than fully space-qualified units.

The current in-stock inventory of hundreds of full space-qualified part numbers includes products with a wide range of device configurations (XO, TCXO, VCXO, SAW) in both traditional and ultra-miniature packages. These devices are screened for compliance with a range of standards. All Q-Tech space certified devices offer a range of 50kRad(Si) to 300kRad(Si) total dose ionization radiation hardening.

Q-Tech B-Level devices are produced to the same precision and quality standards but are less expensive because they have not been subjected to the time-consuming range of qualification test procedures. These devices are ideal for early-stage design where quick-turn breadboard evaluations are critical.

“While high-reliability crystal oscillators have a tremendous heritage for flight and non-flight applications, lead times are often critical in meeting urgent program needs,” said Scott Sentz, Q-Tech’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “By offering a broad range of readily available stock, Q-Tech is often in a position to fill this void.”