ProShop ERP's digital ecosystem

ProShop ERP's digital ecosystem

September 14, 2022

ProShop ERP

ProShop ERP will exhibit its digital ecosystem at IMTS 2022 (booth #133027). The ecosystem is a combination ERP/MES/QMS solution developed to address the needs of job shops by people with first-hand knowledge of the shop environment. Integrating seamlessly with each other and nearly every other manufacturing software, this paperless digital operating platform (DOP) links every job shop department from those estimating projects to shipping. Engineered for small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies, ProShop can replace up to five software programs simplifying project management from start to finish.

Customized ERP modules help get jobs off to a cohesive start. The integrated MES system picks things up by tracking time, tooling, fixtures, work cells, personnel, and part programming information real-time. The QMS function features modules that grab data from the ERP/MES systems and create reports reflecting preventative and corrective actions, generate audits, capturing every aspect of the manufacturing process for complete quality reporting. ProShop’s 25+ dashboards provide shops with a big picture view of the entire operation, identifying waste and ineffective procedures in one smart digital ecosystem.

Customers report setup reductions of up to 50% and total labor savings of 25% or more. This means leaner production with the same number of employees for shops wishing to expand their capabilities and grow their shops without incurring extra costs and losing profits.

“The ProShop ERP/MES/QMS digital ecosystem helps shops grow their operation exponentially while remaining profitable,” said co-founder Paul Van Metre. “It’s unnecessary to add more machines and more workers when beginning the expansion process when you have one smart paperless system that captures all of the details of your manufacturing processes, creating a big picture snapshot of the operation illustrating the good and the bad, and creating an environment for improvement and growth without impulsive spending.”