Brushless DC motor with integrated driver

Brushless DC motor with integrated driver

October 8, 2020


Portescap introduces the latest addition to their Ultra EC mini brushless DC motor platform – the 16 ECP brushless motor with a new integrated driver. These new 16mm diameter motor versions are available in 36mm and 52mm lengths. The compact motors offer almost 50% more continuous torque over similar motors without compromising smooth operation and long life from brushless, slotless motors.

The integration of the driver inside the motor reduces many of the complexities associated with the operation of the motor, cuts down the installation time, lowers overall application footprint, minimizes the clutter of wiring, and offers cost optimization benefits.

Brushless motors are an ideal choice for geared applications because of their minimal speed drop and low motor heating under load. Their low inertia makes them an exceptional option for applications requiring fast stopping, starting, and acceleration.

Upon request, Portescap can also provide options for customization including gearboxes, encoders, coil variations, and mechanical interface modifications.