Vacuum gripping simulation software

Vacuum gripping simulation software

February 4, 2020


Hingham, Massachusetts – To support Industry 4.0, Piab is including simulation and settings tools in its piSMART products. Pre-set settings will allow real-time adjustments, and customized software will enable simulation of components such as suction cups.

piSMART vacuum technology products enable digital communication and Internet connectivity, allowing producers to store production data or recipes that include operational settings for a variety of equipment and machinery. Such settings guarantee maximized productivity following maintenance stops or tool swaps. Re-runs can be made using the same settings as during the first run.

The inclusion of the generic, fieldbus-independent input/output technology IO-Link and Bluetooth will facilitate software-based simulation of components or procedures. Simulations can increase the efficiency of vacuum pumps, and 5% to 20% gains in pump efficiency can lead to 10% increases in productivity.

Piab is working with third-party apps for platforms offering open, cloud-based, IoT operating systems that enable connection of machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world.