Simulation software as a service

Simulation software as a service

February 11, 2020


OnScale’s Pay-as-you-Simulate SaaS model makes scalable enterprise-grade simulation capabilities available to every engineer, on-demand. The cloud engineering simulation platform enables digital prototypes built by running thousands of full 3D multiphysics simulations in parallel through shared-memory, distributed loud computing, and parametric simulation sweeps in the cloud.

OnScale has developed a disruptive software distribution mechanism to support the compute-intensive engineering simulation applications of the future including digital prototypes, digital twins, simulated-augmented AI/ML, embedded IoT, and simulation at the edge. In a direction counter to existing legacy engineering software licensing schemes, OnScale has created a cloud engineering simulation platform that removes all the traditional restrictions that limit the potential for engineers to innovate through simulation.

OnScale's consumption-based model is based on the computational effort it takes to complete a simulation study. OnScale’s AI estimators accurately predict how much a simulation study will cost and how long it will take before an engineer hits run, allowing the engineer to manage tradeoffs between accuracy, solve time, and cost. OnScale's engineers have experienced first-hand how legacy licensing schemes don't scale up and down as needed. Thanks to this pay-as-you-simulate approach, engineers and engineering managers can now readily assess the ROI of their simulation work and manage their resources more effectively.

Further, as a cloud first SaaS simulation provider, OnScale requires zero IT support. Engineers can get set up on the OnScale platform in a matter of minutes and try out a fully featured version of the platform for free. Simulation guides are available at the OnScale website for engineers looking for a quick start in advanced applications including MEMS, RF Filters, biomedical devices and NDT.

OnScale delivers high-performance, natively-parallel multiphysics solvers developed for the most demanding organizations in the world, public and private cloud supercomputers, a functional GUI, an API to efficiently integrate OnScale into any design workflow, scripting languages to fully customize simulations, and plug-ins to enhance engineering capabilities.

OnScale’s technology and business model allows for a flexible approach to simulation, seamlessly facilitating public cloud, private cloud, and local PC software coupled with a comprehensive management platform to easily manage globally distributed teams.