Automated high-mix spray processes

Automated high-mix spray processes

December 24, 2020


Laval, Quebec, Canada – Shape-to-Motion™ Technology is purpose built for high-mix manufacturers to introduce robotic automation to their spray processes. Using autonomous manufacturing technology that drives robots to achieve great results without programming or jigging, this Omnirobotic solution can see, plan, and execute industrial spray, painting, coating, and finishing processes on never-before-seen parts no matter the order in which they are processed.

How is this done? OmniScanners™ use 3D vision through infrared along with novel sensor fusion techniques to develop an accurate view of the shape, depth, position, and orientation of parts. The OmniBrain™ then processes that 3D image in a Digital Twin environment, incorporating process controls and robot drivers from Fanuc, ABB, Universal Robots, and others. From there, the operation is executed according to your exact process specifications including paint gun configuration, standoff, and more as defined in the AOS Studio™ user interface.

The technology permits maximum quality and consistency of output without the limitations that traditional robot programming has in high-mix environments. The solution is already used in aerospace, industrial machinery, and heavy equipment sectors and is rapidly enabling firms to overcome the skilled labor shortage and social distancing requirements while empowering their existing workforce to do more.

Incorporating solutions that rely on robot autonomy are a critical first step for many manufacturers to optimize both their productivity and profitability, no matter where we are in the economic cycle. At the same time, these solutions lay the groundwork for more processes and facilities to adopt autonomous robots, enabling an autonomous manufacturing approach that will create more flexibility and productivity for manufacturers than they could have previously imagined.