Dual-axis XZ positioning stages

Dual-axis XZ positioning stages

September 23, 2021

OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems Inc.)


Van Nuys, California – Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES) is offering a new series of high precision, low profile, low cost motorized Dual-axis XZ Positioning Stages. The compact XZ110 Dual-axis Linear Stages are available with X-axis and Z-axis travel lengths of 15mm (0.590"), 30mm (1.181"), 50mm (1.968"), and 75mm (2.952") that can be ordered in any combination. Precision ground lead screws with only 2µm of backlash and high precision cross roller linear travel guides assure repeatability of 3µm, and positional accuracy of 10µm. Open loop resolution of each stepper motor driven axis (shown) is 0.5µm using a 10 mirco-steps-per-step stepper motor driver. However, even greater precision and higher travel speeds can be achieved with the selection of either a three-phase brushless servo motor or DC brush servo motor.

Travel length             Table sizes

15mm                          65mm x 65mm (2.559" x 2.559")

30mm                          90mm x 90mm (3.543" x 3.543")

50mm                          90mm x 110mm (3.543" x 4.331")

75mm                          90 mm x 110 mm (3.543" x 4.331")

Each of the tables has a precision pattern of 16 threaded mounting holes for the addition of custom tooling. The base has drilled and countersunk holes for easy integration into new and existing applications.

The knob on the back of the stepper motors for manual adjustments can be replaced with an incremental encoder for position verification.  Each stage includes limit switches that should be used to avoid over-travelling.

Additionally, any of XZ110 series of linear positioning stages can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system with fully compatible multi-axis motion controllers.

If your applications require: longer travel, additional axis or axes such as pitch-and-roll, consult the team of linear motion specialists at OES.