Gear-machining grinding oil

Gear-machining grinding oil

August 12, 2019

oelheld U.S., Inc.
Coolants/Fluids Grinding/Abrasives

West Dundee, Illinois – DiaGrind 535 series, an all-rounder grinding oil from oelheld U.S. Inc., is available in viscosities from 5centistokes to 25centistokes.

The premium formulation shows broad versatility and is being used for gear grinding, hobbing, honing, and cutting.

Diagrind 535 contains a blend of high-quality additives and superior base oils and does not require regeneration or complete exchange for many years. Its high-performance characteristics are coveted by many OEM machine tool manufacturers such as Reishauer, Gleason, Pfauter, Klingelnberg, and Hoefler.

DiaGrind has an environmentally friendly composition, keeps operators safe and production equipment in top shape.