Motion controller kits

Motion controller kits

September 16, 2021

Nippon Pulse America, Inc.

Nippon Pulse has introduced two new pre-packaged motion control solutions to help get stepper motor applications up and running fast: SmartPak and PulsePak motion controller kitsBoth kits are ideal for automation applications, including factory automation, lab automation, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Each kit contains a hybrid stepper motor with an integral encoder, servo controller, and cable kit to connect everything together. Motors are available with a 1,000cpr or 2,500cpr encoder, and in NEMA sizes 8 through 34.

The key difference between the kits is the type of servo driver used – the PulsePak includes a Nexus pulse & direction driver, while the SmartPak features a Nexus all-in-one servo driver and controller. Nexus is a small, advanced controller that is simple yet intelligent, powerful, and intuitive. Both kits feature real-time servo/closed loop control, easy BASIC programming control, a powerful built-in multi-thread processor, and a wizard for motion system tuning/autotuning. The SmartPak also includes standalone control mode A-SCRIPT programs and a 2ndSight data port for Cloud Analytics.