Measure laser beam optical performance

Measure laser beam optical performance

July 9, 2019

MKS Instruments

The Ophir SP1201 and SP1203 InGaAs camera-based beam profiling systems for real-time viewing and measuring of the optical performance of laser beams are designed for high sensitivity imaging. The SP1201 features a QVGA resolution InGaAs camera and the SP1203 features a high-resolution VGA InGaAs camera; both include BeamGage Professional beam profiling software.

The cameras accurately capture and analyze wavelengths from 900nm to 1,700nm, small pixel pitch (15µm to 30µm), frame rates in excess of 60fps, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and a high-speed GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) interface.

Both systems incorporate BeamGage Professional beam analysis software that includes a set of algorithms and calculations for accurate, ISO measurements. The software provides advanced image processing and UltraCal algorithm for high accuracy measurements. BeamGage Professional also includes capabilities such as partitioning of the camera output for separate analysis of multiple laser beams from sources such as fiber, a .NET interface for full remote control when integrating beam analysis into an automated application, and camera sharing.

The SP1201 and SP1203 also include a high-speed GigE Power Over Ethernet (POE) interface for long cable lengths and easy power supply placement. Triggering allows for the capture of every pulse of a pulsed laser system. The system also supports automatic selection of the best NUC (non-linear uniform correction) look-up table for gain and exposure settings.

SP1201 beam profiling data sheet

SP1203 beam profiling data sheet