Deep-machining plunge mill

Deep-machining plunge mill

November 12, 2020

Mikron Tool

The Swiss tool manufacturer Mikron Tool has expanded its milling cutter program and launched a new version of its CrazyMill Cool P&S plunge-mill. The new version is suitable for even deeper machining operations.

Like its already successful short predecessor, it’s characterized by the ability to plunge (drill) vertically into the material, mill slots or pockets into solid material in small spaces, and end with milling as a finishing operation.


  • Vertical plunging (drilling) until milling depth 5xD
  • Pockets and slots in reduced spaces
  • High infeed of 0.5xD
  • From milling diameter 1mm
  • Integrated coolant ducts
  • High tool life and surface quality

With the CrazyMill Cool P&S it’s possible to plunge perpendicularly into the material and reach maximum milling depth of 5xD in a few steps. The milling cutter is extremely stable, delivers high cutting speeds and chip removal rates, has a long tool life, and delivers consistent surface quality.