Strain gages

Strain gages

July 17, 2020

Quality/Metrology Design Components

Malvern, Pennsylvania – Micro-Measurements, a Vishay Precision Group Inc. brand, has integrated its Advanced Sensors Technology (AST) into CEA-series and EA-series strain gages. Designed for general purpose, static and dynamic stress analysis, CEA and EA strain gage sensors are ideal for autonomous vehicles, structural health monitoring, aviation, robotics & automation, smart load cells, and condition monitoring.

Micro-Measurements’ CEA-Series universal strain gages build on approximately 70 years of proven usage and the installation of hundreds of thousands of field-tested devices. Offering a constantan grid completely encapsulated in polyimide, with large, rugged copper-coated tabs, these CEAs provide for ease of application, reduced installation time, high reliability, and low total cost of installation.

Constructed with constantan foil in combination with a tough, flexible, polyimide backing, the EA-series is available in a wide range of options available including strain range from ±3% for gage lengths less than 1/8” (3.2mm) and ±5% for 1/8” and larger.

AST enhances strain gauge manufacturing, allowing them to be manufactured with tighter tolerances and improved gage-to-gage consistency. AST applies tangible specification and manufacturing process improvements, along with industry-exclusive strain gage sensor design techniques, for direct customer benefit.

For general-purpose stress analysis applications, the series of strain gages are a drop-in replacement for traditional CEA and EA strain gages, and are available for purchase through the Micro-Measurements on-line shop.