Methods Machine Tools’ Turn-Assist 200i and 270i

Methods Machine Tools’ Turn-Assist 200i and 270i

August 9, 2022

Methods Machine Tools Inc.

Methods Machine Tools, the supplier of high-quality, high-precision CNC machine tools and automation in North America, released the Turn-Assist 200i and 270i from RoboJob as its first, end-to-end standard automation system for Nakamura-Tome turning centers.

A semi-collaborative system engineered for lathe automation, Turn-Assist is designed to be implemented and run by operators of any skill level. With a simple tablet-style HMI and standard Ethernet IP interface, shops can successfully change over from one part to another within minutes.

“By pairing the Turn-Assist from RoboJob with Nakamura-Tome, we have created a unique automation solution for high-mix/low-volume and/or mid-volume with frequent changeovers on round workpieces often associated with Nakamura lathes,” said Zach Spencer, Methods’ Automation Manager.

“As Methods provides the machine, the options, the automation system, and the interface, along with the installation, training and support, customers have the advantage of working with one supplier for the entire technology and experience stack.”

Turn-Assist features an open-floor setup and area sensors to maximize operator safety and accessibility, while a pre-programmable FANUC robot loads blanks and unloads finished parts from the stocking table. Options are available allowing the robot to process shafts, rotate parts, and interface with a bar-feeder.

Additionally, the integrated, automatic air blow nozzle on the dual, three-jaw gripper enables the robot to discard chips and coolant away from the workholding further streamlining operations without any manual intervention.

“Methods and Nakamura-Tome together have served customers for decades with industry-best solutions. In introducing Turn-Assist for Nakamura-Tome, machine owners gain a user-friendly, reliable automation system that will increase efficiency and output on Day 1 without any operator upskilling requirements,” added Sergio Tondato, Methods’ Nakamura-Tome product manager.