Modular pneumatic connection system

Modular pneumatic connection system

October 28, 2021

Mencom Corp.

Mencom announces an improved version of the MIXO modular pneumatic connection system that uses a new self-extinguishing thermoplastic insert and metal contacts. The new MIXO system not only allows more frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems but also guarantees better mechanical resistance, increased airflow for transmitting dry and compressed air in pneumatic systems.

These metal pneumatic contacts can permanently withstand the constant pressure of 10 bar. The contacts can be mated up to 10,000 cycles when installed with High Number of Matings (HNM) series enclosures and frames for modular units, and up to 500 cycles when installed with MIXO frames and standard enclosures. The contacts are available in straight and angled versions for different sizes of plastic tubing, 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm for both inner and outer diameter.

In a single MIXO module, two different pneumatic fitting methods can be installed.

  • Quick push-in fitting for OD tubing (straight and angled versions)
  • Hose barbs fitting for ID tubing (straight version only)

If needed, the female contact can be used with a retaining valve to avoid any airflow losses with the uncoupled connector. The new pneumatic series also can be used side to side with other MIXO series modules and is compatible with various sizes of standard rectangular enclosures, including the high construction versions.